Where the MAGIC happens

We get asked all the time- how do you pick out what clothes to carry? What is market like? So what better way than to blog about it! 

This past week our owner, Lana, and 2 other buyers headed to sunny Las Vegas to attend MAGIC Market to buy for spring and summer 2015. MAGIC is the largest fashion marketplace in the US! It truly is like no other! You get the chance to visit your favorite vendors, plus find new ones! You can see, touch, feel, and try on the sample inventory before ordering for your store! Each vendor has their own booth, and use mannequins to display their new styles and show you how to wear them! Samples are color coded according to when they will ship out to your store, so you know how much to buy for each month! Here's a glimpse into the world of MAGIC.



If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook (if you don't, why not?!) hopefully you caught some of our "be the buyer" posts! We love hearing feedback from our customers on what items they're looking for. It helps us when ordering colors, quantities or if we should just pass on that item altogether!


Basically, MAGIC is a whirlwind of fashion wrapped into 2 awesome, exhausting days! 



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