Stackable Necklaces:
Necklaces don't have to be a big statement but I have the perfect way to show off the true you! We're so excited to show you our new MUST HAVE necklaces. They are perfect for layering necklaces and if you have never heard about that, keep reading!
1. Express yourself : there are so many ways that you can express your style and we have the perfect way! We have three designs in our MUST HAVE dainty necklace. They are heart shaped, "wifey", and antlers! What more could you NEEED? Pictured below is one of my favorite new tanks that we have! It's called the On the Fringe Chambray Top! ($24)  along with the MUST HAVE antler necklace ($15) and Ivory Tassle Pendant ($18)  that comes in different colors
2. Can't choose just one? Stack em! : I tend to be a little more dramatic when I wear jewelry so if you can stack your bracelets, you can stack your necklaces! The more the merrier!
3. COMBINE! : You read it right. The combination of dainty pieces and statement necklaces are such a great imperfect look. Create your own style! I actually combined my pieces with a black Piko ($28) ! Bet you didn't know that you could dress one up!
4. Perfect Gifts : who doesn't like getting gifts! Our MUST HAVE necklaces that come in 3 different ways are actually $15 + tax! How affordable is that and they also make the perfect gift!