We've added so many new faces to our amazing Crave Crew over the last few months. Let's get to know them a little better!
Alyssa is our newest Warrensburg girl! She is currently studying Interior Design at UCM. There's no way she could pick just one favorite food! Her favorite sports team is the St. Louis Cardinals, and on weekends she can be found attending Mules football games, or going home to O'Fallon, MO to visit her family and friends. 
Emma grew up in Clinton where she first started working at Crave over a year and a half ago (she's been here longer than everyone besides our owner Lana!). When she started UCM this fall she transferred to our Warrensburg location, however, she can still be found in the Clinton store some weekends. She loves Instagram, pizza and the Kansas City Royals. If she had to listen to one song on repeat it would be Like I'm Gonna Lose You by Meghan Trainor. Want to win over Emma's heart? Just get her a big ol sweet tea. 
Jessica is our newest Clinton Crave Crew member. She's a senior at CHS and plans on attending UCM to become a radiology technician. She's from Marshall, MO and loves visiting family on the weekends. She describes her style as cute and simple, and she loves our Just A Jock shirt. More things Jessica loves are etsy, tacos, Blue Powerade, and the movie My Girl.
Keely is our Assistant Manager. She started working here a little over a year ago. Her favorite thing about working at Crave is the relationships she has built with all of our loyal customers! She currently can't live without her black faced watch (part of our new fall watches!). On weekends she can be found snuggling her (adorable) son Kellen. Her favorite food is Thanksgiving dinner, and you can usually catch her SnapChatting or Tweeting. If you've ever ordered a custom shirt from Crave, chances are Keely made it! She also handles our shipments, website maintenance and is one of our models!
Lana is Crave's owner/operator/buyer/little bit of everything. She started Crave almost 3 years ago from her basement, even though fashion was nowhere near what she majored in at Mizzou (which was finance/economics, say what?). She loves Sonic happy hours, fall fashions, gold everything, and spending time with her husband and their 3 month old baby girl. Her favorite item in her closet right now would have to be the slim-knee ripped jeans (they're ah-mazing). If she had to pick her favorite thing about Crave it would be the loyalty of our customers. And the girls that work here. And the small-town community support. And the clothes. 
Maggie is a Warrensburg local! She is studying fashion at UCM, and is a senior this year. Her favorite thing in her closet right now is our Swing Low Shift Dress in wine because it's so versatile. She describes her style as girly, upbeat and classy. She loves travelling, pickles and SnapChatting the Crave Crew! One way to annoy Maggie is by not changing the toilet paper roll (c'mon people, change the roll!)
Melissa is our southern belle from South Georgia (Go Dawgs!). She works in our Warrensburg store, and chances are if you've been there you've heard her adorable accent! Her favorite thing about working at Crave is helping our customers find the perfect outfit. Melissa loves hanging out with her husband and friends, Dancing With The Stars, chocolate and any song by Luke Bryan.
Misty was born in California but currently lives in Warrensburg. She can be found at both of our locations on the weekends, so say HI when you see her. She will probably be wearing our Double or Nothing Leopard sandals since they go with everything! She is currently studying to become a nurse, and when she isn't studying she loves exploring new things with her daughter and her dad as a family. She loves country music, strawberry refreshers from Starbucks, Pinterest and Chipotle.
Payton is one of our models and part of our Warrensburg Crave Crew. Her favorite part about working at Crave is getting to see the new clothes and shoes before anyone else. She is currently obsessed with our Suede Wedge booties (who isnt?!). On weekends she can be found tailgating with her sorority friends at UCM (she loves the school spirit). Royals are the way to her heart and she claims they are bound to go to the World Series (GOOO BLUE!). Three words to describe Payton are goofy, sarcastic and passionate.