This past week Keely and Lana got a little crafty! We needed to spruce up our CRAVE letters and HELLO sign. What better way than with gold glitter?


What you will need:

Letters (we used 12" paper mache ones from Hobby Lobby, and our cardboard HELLO sign from Target)

Glitter (ours is a 16 oz jar from WalMart and we had plenty left over!)

Modge Podge

A foam brush

Disposable bowl (put your Modge Podge in this so you avoid getting glitter into your glue container!)

Clear sealer (we used Modge Podge brand)


This project is super easy, but super messy, so make sure you have some sort of paper below your work space.




Start by applying Modge Podge to your letters. We did the front side first. Modge Podge dries clear so if you mess up a bit, no worries!



Next, pour the glitter directly onto the letters. Scoop up any excess and hit the spots you originally missed. Shake off any excess. Let dry 15-20 minutes before doing the next step.



Now comes the only "tricky" part- the insides and corners! Make sure and apply the Modge Podge liberally and use your fingers at this point to get the glitter in all the nooks and crannies! Let letters dry about 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, we went back and did a second coat of glitter if needed.



Lastly, you'll need to apply your sealer. Make sure your letters are good and dry. We sprayed the sealer from about 12" away and made sure to get all sides of the letters. Let dry. Check for any loose flakes, and apply more sealer if needed.



Now you're ready to display your awesome letters! We are going to use ours in the store so if you stop by, make sure to check them out!