$ 35.00

Please put in order of first name initial, LAST name initial, middle name initial
Ex: Clinton Cardinals, Holy Rosary Saints, CCA Patriots, Warrensburg Tigers, etc.

If your child does not attend any school or you prefer not to have anything mascot related, please put NA.
Please tell me more about your child's interests (fortnite, dinosaurs, tractors, sports, etc)

Summer themed kids box! This box will contain atleast one sized, wearable, clothing item plus other accessories and fun items! Box is valued at $50 or more. A couple things to note.

There are 2 separate categories: toddler (18/24m-5T) and youth (6/8-14/16). Some items in the boxes may be different throughout categories. For example, if you have brothers and order one toddler box and one youth box, they may not be the same. 

There is no subscription required. Each time we release a new kids box, a new product will be available to purchase if you wish. Kids boxes will be 2-3 times a year.

Boxes will ship out/be ready to pick up around May 20th. You will receive an email with tracking info once it ships. In store pick ups will be emailed/texted when your box is ready to pick up.

Boxes are final sale. This means they cannot be returned. IF we have extras, exchanges are allowed. This is a big IF and not guaranteed. 

If you are between sizes and are super worried about the fit, please email us describing your typical sizes better so we can adjust if needed!

We will reveal everything that was included in the box after everyone receives theirs!